WIPO Launches “Green” Intellectual Property Marketplace

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has launched a new online marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of “green” technologies.

The “WIPO GREEN” database and network is designed to match owners and inventors of green technologies with people or companies seeking to commercialize or license such technologies.

WIPO’s goal is to accelerate innovation and use of green technologies in order to address climate change.

Green technologies listed on the site include those dealing with:

  • Alternative energy production
  • Energy-saving technologies
  • New forms of transportation
  • More sustainable agriculture and forestry
  • Greener waste management

Those who are looking for green technologies can search the site for “assets.”

According to WIPO,

The database offers green technology providers greater visibility for their products, services and IP assets (including inventions, patents, technologies and know-how) for sale or license, helping to attract partners and finance.

Providers of green technologies can search for “needs” – including specific technologies and IP, funding, and professional services such as training.

The database is targeted at “investors, entrepreneurs and licensing managers looking to construct and execute deals in the green technology space.”

The service is free for all parties but registration is required.

The WIPO GREEN site is also a gateway to other WIPO services, such as WIPO’s IP Arbitration and MediationCenter.

WIPO is an agency of the United Nations.  It is a “global forum for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation” established in 1967.  It now has 186 member states.

More information on WIPO GREEN is available at https://webaccess.wipo.int/green/.

If you are the owner or developer of a green technology invention, or if you are seeking to license green technology IP rights, identifying a partner is just the first step.

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